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The Institute of Information Science and Technologies (ISTI) is part of the National Research Council (CNR), located in the CNR Research Area in Pisa, San Cataldo district, Via Moruzzi 1. For the CNR Research Area, please visit this website ( click on "how to reach us" and then on "CARTINA STRADALE" ).

For a convenient map of Pisa, please click here.

The CNR Area is located about 2 km from the city centre, and it can be easily reached by bus both from the airport and the railway station. Unfortunately, CNR is not a convenient walking distance from the railway station nor from the airport (about 40 minutes from the central railway station).
The connecting bus from the central railway station (bus LAM Rossa and bus N. 13) to CNR Research Area takes about 20 minutes. Bus tickets are sold on board at a higher price (around 2 Euros). We suggest buying tickets at the ticket office at the airport or at any ‘Tabacchi’ (tobacco shop) or newspaper kiosk (bus ticket price is 0.90 Euro, one hour validity for  the entire city network).
If you take bus N. 13, the direction is Cisanello you  get off on "Via Valgimigli", in front of the COOP supermarket. In any case, all bus drivers know where the CNR Area is and they can easily tell you where to get off.
If you take bus LAM Verde (L/V) (direction Via di Pratale) get off on Via di Pratale at the 1st stop.
The routes of these two buses (and other buses in Pisa) can be found at: Please note the CNR Area is indicated on this map as CNR S. Cataldo, on the right-hand side of the map.
The Pisa Bus website of is available at (click on “PERCORSI E ORARI”, “SERVIZIO URBANO DI PISA”, and then click on the bus number and “CARTINA”)

The Pisa Airport ( Galileo Galilei) is in the city (only 1 km from the historic centre). The airport  also has  a railway station (Pisa Aeroporto railway station); trains connect the airport with the central railway station. The trip  only takes 2-3 minutes .
The airport is also connected to the central railway station by city bus LAM Rossa (L/R) (direction S. Iacopo) to the railway station; here you can take bus LAM Verde (L/V) (direction Via di Pratale) and get off on Via di Pratale at the 1st stop.
For  information regarding the airport, please visit the website --> ENTER. Services are listed on the left hand side of the page.
Car rental facilities are listed at :
You can also walk from the airport to the central railway station (about 20 minutes).
The Pisa Central Railway Station is in the centre of Pisa; the bus terminal is just in front of the station.
The price of a taxi, from the airport to the CNR Area is about 15/20 Euros. Taxi drivers are obliged to switch the meter on before the start of each journey. The Radio Taxi Service operates round the clock. Just dial 050 541600.



If you wish to spend a few days in Tuscany, here is some information regarding places (seaside resorts, historic towns, etc.) to visit as a day trip from Pisa.

Pisa itself is a very historic city, easy to visit  by strolling  around the medieval streets:

About Pisa - Link 1

About Pisa - Link 2

Seaside resorts

Tirrenia and Marina di Pisa are on the Tyrrhenian coast, about 15 km from Pisa. Both places can be reached in less than 30 minutes by bus leaving from the CPT bus station (Piazza S. Antonio – close to the central railway station). Marina di Pisa is mostly rocky, Tirrenia has sandy beaches.
Livorno is an important port city about 25 Km from Pisa. To the south of Livorno there are beautiful places such as Calafuria and Castiglioncello (mostly rocks); you can reach Livorno by bus (about 40 minutes) from the CPT bus station, or by train (15 minutes); from the Livorno railway station buses travel along the coast.
To the north of Pisa, about 20 km, there is Viareggio, famous for its Carnival and the promenade with many fine shops; it’s about 20 minutes by train from the Pisa railway station; by LAZZI bus (1)  it takes about 40 minutes. In Viareggio you find wide sandy beaches. Viareggio is part of the famous Versilia area.
Here you can click on specific topics for further information.

(1) Note: LAZZI is a private bus company, which serves many places in Tuscany. In Pisa the LAZZI office is located in Piazza S. Antonio, close to the central railway station (phone: +39-050 46288, fax: +39-050 2204126).

For additional information, visit this website.

Historic cities

A few interesting places to visit during your stay in Tuscany:

Lucca (18 km from Pisa) is a splendid example of a medieval town surrounded by walls, on which you can walk or bicycle around. You can reach it by train from Pisa or by LAZZI bus.

Firenze (Florence) (95 km from Pisa) is world-famous for great Italian masterpieces, museums, shops, handicrafts, and much more. Trains leave from Pisa every hour or  every 30 minutes during rush hours; it takes about one hour to reach Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN is the central railway station).

Siena (130 km from Pisa) is famous for the Palio, a horse race that dates back to the Middle Ages and which takes place in the beautiful Piazza del Campo. From Pisa to Siena there are no direct trains; you must take a Pisa-Firenze train, get off in Empoli and change for Siena.

Tuscany is one big museum: historic towns, art, museums, churches, and last but not least,  the  vineyard hills of  Chianti  deserve a visit. Wine tasting is popular with foreign visitors; driving around the countryside is a great opportunity to taste Italian wines and eat typical food.

Private tours can be found here.



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