Wednesday July 30, 2008


Lecturer:Dr. Petia Todorova

Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FhG-FOKUS), Belin (DE)

Title: Call Admission and Handoff Management Schemes for Multimedia LEO Satellite Networks

Abstract: The lecture is devoted to Low Earth Orbit(LEO) satellite multimedia networks.
LEO satellites are expected to support real-time multimedia traffic and to fulfil certain pre-negotiated Quality of Service (QoS) requirements. However, the limited bandwidth of the satellite channel, satellite rotation around the Earth and mobility of end-users make QoS provisioning and resource management a challenging problem.
Due to a large number of handoffs experienced during a lifetime of a connection Call Admission Control (CAC) and handoff management are very important tasks if the system is to provide fair bandwidth sharing and QoS guarantees.
In the lecture we describe LEO satellite systems, define the objectives of Radio Resource Management (RRM) for this type of systems and focus on CAC   and handoff management problems.
In particular we investigate CAC strategies, handoff management schemes and the relationship between CAC, handoff management and bandwidth allocation. Examples of recent algorithms for CAC and handoff management are illustrated, too.

Index of the arguments

1. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite Networks

2. Radio Resource Management in Multimedia LEO Satellite Networks

3. Call Admission Control

4. Handoff Management

5. Algorithms for CAC and Handoff Management

6. Overview of some CAC and Handoff Management algorithms

7. Test

Lecturer’s Short Bio
CREATOR: XV Version 3.10a  Rev: 12/29/94  Quality = 75, Smoothing = 0  Dr. Petia Todorova received the M.S. degree in electrical engineering and the PhD degree in computer networks from the Technical University of Sofia. Upon graduation, she joined the Research Institute of Telecommunications, Sofia. From 1987 to 1988 she was Visiting Scientist with the University of West Berlin. Since 1988 she has been with GMD-FOKUS, now Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FhG-FOKUS) as a Senior Scientist working in the area of advanced networks technologies and protocols. From 1989 to 1997 she participated in the ETSI and ITU-T standardization efforts as a DEUTSCHE TELEKOM Expert Member. She was also an active participant in a large number of international projects within the EURESCOM, ACTS and IST Program. Dr. Todorova has been appointed as Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science - Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA, USA for the period 2002 - 2006. Here recent research interests include resource allocation and handoff management in IP/ATM-based satellite networks, QoS in mobile and wireless network, resource and topology control in sensor networks. She published as author or co-author over 100 papers in International Journals, book chapters and Conference Proceedings. She was co-author of the book titled “Resource Management in Satellite Networks - Optimization and Cross-Layer design”, Springer 2007. She was member of Technical Committee of several International Conferences and is member of the Satellite Society Committee (SSC).